How do Discount dental plans compare to dental insurance plans?

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Discount dental plans are an affordable and simple solution for anyone looking for dental care savings. Below we can help you compare between discount dental plans and dental insurance. DISCOUNT DENTAL PLAN: There are no annual limits to the visits to your dentists – plan members can enjoy discounts on most dental care services all [...]

How do I use the Avia Dental Plan ®?

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As soon as we receive your application and payment you will be eligible to use the plan. We will provide you with an Avia Dental identification card. Simply present your identification card to any Avia providers when services are performed and make payment directly to the provider.

What is Avia Dental Plan ®?

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Avia Dental Plan ® is a discount fee for service dental plan. We have developed a large dental provider network of established dental practices to offer our members savings of up to 50% or more on dental services. Our providers go through an extensive credentialing process to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality [...]