For years not knowing about the Avia Dental plan, I spent thousands of dollars on my teeth. Cleanings, fillings etc. Learning about the Avia Plan has cut my price in half. The money I save is enormous. I also, couldn’t have a better dentist. Thanks for all the benefits!
Barb F.
I’ve been a Member of Avia Dental Plan for years. I feel it pays for itself just by having my teeth cleaned twice a year, I save more than the cost of the plan. I’ve saved quite a few bucks on all my other dental needs fillings, caps, and x-rays. I did have an option to purchase Dental with my Union but it was a few hundred dollars ($300.00+) and all you received was a free yearly cleaning and a small discount on a few procedures, I’ve saved more with the Avia Dental Plan.
Tracey T.
After years of not wearing my retainer in college, one tooth became crooked. Being 22 years old at the time - braces were not an option but I couldn't afford the Invisalign, until someone told me about the Avia Dental Plan! Thanks, Avia for helping me save tons of money and making my teeth beautiful again you truly were a blessing!
Brittany F.
My brother and I are senior citizens both on fixed incomes and discovering Avia Dental Plan ® was a God-send! One of us had to have extensive dental work done which was possible because of our membership with their Dental Plan. It is an excellent plan and we have had only good experiences when dealing with them. When any assistance was requested, they have always been cooperative. We are happy with our enrollment!
Helen & Al
Pittsburgh, PA
My employer during the "90's" did not offer dental benefits and I could not afford the high cost of dental care. Therefore I did not get much needed work done. In June of 2000, I enrolled in Avia Dental Plan ®. At that time there were no dentists close to me who participated in ADP so I decided to make the 70 mile drive to Pittsburgh. It was well worth it! I saved about $1500 on my dental bills taking advantage of the savings provided by Avia Dental Plan ®. Dr. Garrett one of ADP participating dentists did a superb job. He may even be a miracle worker....I've been told I look 10 years younger since I had the dental work done. I would highly recommend Avia Dental Plan ® to Anyone. Thank you so much.
Wheeling, WV
There are not enough words to say how much I appreciate the services Avia Dental Plan ® provides. When my family lost our dental plan several years ago our only option was a very expensive plan with my husband's employer. Avia Dental Plan ® is an affordable plan with wonderful benefits. I've called many times to ask questions or request information. Each time your staff has answered the questions on a timely basis. Everytime I get into a conversation about dental plans I always recommend your firm. Your services are very much appreciated.
Pittsburgh, PA
As a member of Avia Dental Plan, I'm thrilled with the thousands of dollars I have saved! I tell everyone I know about your terrific plan! I chose one of ADP participating providers and he is a wonderful dentist. He is caring, patient and a perfectionist at his dental work. I also want to add that your office staff is wonderful. They give everyone their personal attention, which really makes a difference.
Plumboro, PA
It was a pleasure speaking with you recently. The customer service is as great as the benefits we receive by having the Avia Dental Plan. My husband and I are retired and no longer have Dental Coverage from an employer. Recently my husband needed a root canal and a cap. Thanks to Avia we saved hundreds of dollars for these services, by very qualified professionals. Each year since our initial membership (2008), we have recouped the yearly fee and a lot more by the discounts received. I always recommend Avia to anyone who doesn't have Dental Coverage. Thank you for providing a wonderful plan and excellent customer service.
Dottie R
Canonsburg, PA
I would like to thank Avia Dental Plan for providing a wonderful Dental Plan with a great selection of Dentists. I am a 20 year old college student with limited funds. Well as luck would have it, I had broken my front teeth and was in need of emergency dental treatment. I contacted Katsur Dental in Washington, Pa and was advised that I needed two root canals, two crowns and two post and cores. Needless to say, my first thought was “How am I going to pay for this”. When my treatment plan was worked up, I saved over $3,500.00 by having the Avia Dental Plan, which was a very pleasant surprise. I recommend to Avia Dental Plan to everyone. The customer service that you receive when you call their office is a lost art. A real person answers the phone and answers all questions you have without transferring you to anyone else.
Andrew K.
Wheeling, WV